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Our favorite Paris boulangerie Du Pain et Des Idées is near excellent retail on Rue de Marseille and Rue Yves Toudic. Start with Centre Commercial. The tongue in cheek name is code for well-curated, socially and ecologically conscious clothing and shoes for parents.

They’re well stocked with designers from the made in France movement including Bleu de Paname, Repetto, St. James,  Roseanna, Veja, and Valentine Gauthier.

Around the corner, they also Centre Commercial Kids with chic clothes, shoes, and toys for babies and children. It’s an especially good place to shop during the twice annual French sales in summer and winter. Warning: it’s easy to go overboard.

2 Rue de Marseille, centrecommercial.cc

22 rue Yves Toudic, centrecommercial.cc/en/product/kids/

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Image: centrecommercial.cc/en/product/kids/

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