Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream


Rain or Shine makes classic, creamy North American frozen dairy; they get creative in the presentation and flavours.

A whimsical cow mascot with a unicorn horn oversees your selection. On the menu, ice cream tacos and ice cream tasting flights are on offer besides the usual suspects cups and waffles cones. Keeper flavours like chocolate and vanilla have a hard time getting attention with honey lavender, coconut salted fudge, lemon squared, and peanut butter on the menu. Their ice cream is made with local milk and, when possible, locally-sourced mix-ins such as honey and berries.

The original shop is in the beach neighbourhood Kitsilano. Following great success, they’ve opened a new place on Cambie.

1926 West 4th, Rainorshineicecream.com

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Image: Rain or Shine

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