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We admit, we’ve taken tots to  many, many patisseries. They’re spoiled rotten. We keep a list of our 10 favourites.
Our loveliest dine-in experience took place in the tearoom at Angelina’s historic location on rue de Rivoli. Gourmets have been sipping and indulging here for over a century. Proust and Coco Chanel rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in fashion in Angelina’s salons. The interior was designed by the famous Belle Epoque architect Edouard-Jean Niermans. It maintains its glamour, even when stuffed with tourists.
Angelina is known for their drinking chocolate and mont blancs. But you’ll have more fun sampling exquisite creations like macaroon biscuits with cherry blossoms tea cream and blackcurrants, praline eclairs, and a hazelnut chouz, lemon cream-stuffed religieuse.
Make a reservation (online) so you can flounce by the throngs of googly-eyed, sweet-toothed gawkers. Browse the pastry case before you sit down in the tearoom. It’s an other-wordly experience which will help you make informed decisions.

226 rue de Rivoli,

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Image: Angelina

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