Small Folk Travel exists to inspire families to travel widely and well. We like to have a laugh and make a beautiful memory on the way.


Places and Postcards

While family travel can be synonymous with all-inclusive resorts and Disney, we don’t see it that way. We cover travel experiences for the entire family. Our coverage is a balance of good stuff for parents and for little ones. Whether it’s the new it-cafe for brunch in Portland, or the most hands-on kids’ program at the Louvre, we pick activities that enrich the lives of all folk, big and small. We think that family travel should be a balance of both.

We don’t try to tell you everything about a place, just how to best enjoy it as a family. We show you what makes a destination special. We often focus on a neighborhood with many other young families.

We research our picks by talking to parents who live in our places. We follow up by relentlessly poking around. All our itineraries have been tested by us.


Our section for irresistible click-bait. Diaper in 15 languages. The 5 best independent kids’ clothing stores in London. 11 children’s museums worldwide. 6 South Beach hotel bars where the kids can run free. What French people really order: 10 types of French bread other than the baguette. 8 cool things to do as a family in Brooklyn. 5 pieces of baby gear that will make your next trip better. And more.


Ninja Tricks is all about problem solving. Family travel, especially with babies and toddlers, involves more logistics. We exist to help sort the tricky logistics, whether it’s about which travel crib to use, or how to handle two lap children on an overnight flight.

Sometime’s it just means sharing a bad experience and how we thought it through, so that you know you’re not the only one dealing with that kind of mayhem.

Lastly, although family travel means more problems to solve, it also means more intense rewards. We share the insights and joy that come from family adventures, especially when they deviate from the plan.



In our experience, having small children is the ideal time to travel. The discoveries that stem from travel and the surprises of parenthood overlap.Travel writer Bill Bryson says it best: “To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”

Travel creates wonder. Travel sparks insight. Travel makes you reevaluate routines. Travel shows you how to relish the journey rather than fixating on destination. Travel pushes you to engage. Travel means learning by doing. Travel gives your life a healthy dose of spontaneity.

So do kids.

When we bring Robin and William with us on trips, we find that their enthusiasm and openness to new experiences make travel that much more intensely meaningful. You don’t have to be crafty to see how it knits you closer as a family; it’s the ultimate family education.


I’m an American-Iranian travel writer married to a Norwegian professor of International Development. We met in London, fell in love, and traveled the world together.

Once our small folk arrived, we saw no reason to stop exploring. In fact, our explorations became more meaningful than ever.

Our kids are Robin (age two) and William (one). They are 15 months apart. It’s likely there are more on the way.